What is a Setting?

* A 'setting' is the method by which blocks are joined together to make a quilt top. Blocks are sewn into rows. The seams of each row are then carefully pressed in opposite directions before being sewn together. This reduces bulk where the seam allowances cross and makes quilting easier.

* Often, blocks are separated by alternating plain squares or by fabric strips (called 'sashing'). This is done if the blocks make a confusing or unattractive 'secondary' pattern between the blocks. Sometimes, this secondary pattern is more interesting and attractive than the primary pattern.

Types of Settings

* Notice the secondary patterns in these two quilts:

Straight Set Diagonal Set



* In these four quilts, blocks are visually separated from each other by plain blocks or sashing:

Alternating Set Diag. Alt. Set


Diagonal and Alternating

Straight Set w/ Sashing Diag. Set w/ Sashing

Straight Set with Sashing

Diagonal Set with Sashing

* These two quilts use half blocks to fill in at the top and bottom:

Half-drop ZigZag setting



* These two quilts break out of the block boundaries:

Blockbuster Medallion



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