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*I am an award winning quilter of 19 years experience. As a self-taught quilter, I have discovered many time saving techniques and now teach others, mostly in my home. I have also held classes for fabric and craft stores (among them, the Rag shops), quilting guilds and various other organizations. I teach all skill levels and techniques. I also do speaking engagements, workshops and seminars.

*My strength as a quilter is in designing new blocks and quilts based on a single traditional block or a combination of blocks to create new images for quilters. I excel at writing quilt patterns and instructions and provide easy to follow handouts for my classes. Most of my quilts are quilted by hand. By hand, I usually quilt 12 stitches/inch, although I can match most anyone's stitches when necessary. My specialties are Appliqué, hand quilting, quick piecing and quilting techniques, many of which I have designed myself. I particularly enjoy quick machine piecing and machine quilting and tend to emphasize these techniques when making my own quilts. I have made over a hundred tops, large and small, on my MemoryCraft 8000, most of which were designed by me.

*Among the things that I have most enjoyed doing are several guest appearances on TV craft shows. My quilts have also been featured in recent issues of Traditional Quilter Magazine and Quilting Today Magazine. My Winding Ways quilt was on the cover of the Jan. 1996 issue of Traditional Quilter Magazine.

*I have been heavily involved in charity work. As Charity Quilts Chairperson for the Molly Pitcher Stitchers of Freehold, NJ, from Jan. 1994 - Dec. 1995, I designed blocks and quilts, collected donations of blocks and fabrics and directed the assembly and completion of the quilts. In 1994, our annual donation of charity quilts doubled (from 26 to 55). The quilts were then donated to Birthright in Freehold. In 1995, we donated 65 quilts to Birthright. After moving to North Jersey, I have become a member of the Garden State Quilters in Chatham, NJ and the Clifton Quilter's Guild.

*As the founding member of The Great American Quilt Machine, I designed and directed the making of the Freehold Township Tricentennial Quilt, which is now on permanent display in the Borough Hall. I am finishing an art quilt which the group has made for the Christian Overcomers, an organization that supports the physically disabled.

*I am also the Founder of #QuiltChat™, an IRC chat channel on Ascends.Net just for quilters. To develop this internet channel, I have recruited and trained Hosts and Channel Operators and closely manage the day-to-day operation of this 'Virtual Quilt Frame'. This cyberspace chat group has grown from a few faithful chatters in May of 1996 to a large group of international quilters, many quilters of renown, who meet online to exchange tips and techniques and enjoy the old fashioned quilting bee atmosphere of our channel, through the benefit of modern technology.


1995 Monmouth County Fair

bulletBest in show, needlework div. (Colorwash Cross)
bulletFirst Place, Quilting div., large bed quilt category (Cotton Candy Baskets)
bulletThird Place, Quilting div., small bed quilt cat. (Raspberry Fields Forever)
bulletFirst Place, Quilting div., wallhanging category (Colorwash Cross)

1994 Monmouth County Fair

bulletFirst Place, Quilting div., large bed quilt category (Ocean Waves)
bulletSecond Place, Quilting div., small bed quilt category (Winding Ways)
bulletThird Place, Quilting div., wallhanging category (Charm - Barn in the Field)

1995 Molly Pitcher Stitchers Quilt Show

bulletThird Place, Block Competition, Appliqué category (Lop-Eared Bunny)
bulletFirst Place, Viewer's Choice (Colorwash Cross)
bulletHon. Mention, Viewer's Choice (Studio Star)
bulletHon. Mention, Viewer's Choice (Recycled Jacket)

1994 Molly Pitcher Stitchers

bulletFirst Place, Block Competition, Appliqué category (Bunny in Basket)
bulletSecond Place, Black and White Challenge (Silver and Gold)

1993 Molly Pitcher Stitchers Quilt Show

bulletFirst Place, Block Competition, Appliqué category (Cornucopia)

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