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What is a Quilt?

General Quilting Instructions
A Lesson for Beginners

Choosing Fabrics and Colors

Storage Footstool Pattern
by Marilyn Lynch

Watercolor Quilting, Why Not Try It?

Easy Half Square Triangles
by Julie Owens

Strip Pieced Watercolor Quilting

Easy Rice Bag Directions
by Cheryl Johnson

Pattern: Cotton Candy Baskets

Sew and Go Bag
by Denise Emerson

Gradated Fabric Dying

Instructions for Mola
by: Eloise Reynolds

Pattern: Winding Ways Quilt

Books on Hmong Pa Ndau
by: Eloise Reynolds

Pattern: Dresden Plate Block

Seminole Sacred Fire Block Pattern
by: Eloise Reynolds

Make a Bluegrass Star Skirt!

Have You Contracted The Dreaded Quilt Pox?
by Anon

Make a Salshed Chenille Coat/Jacket!

Pincushion Directions
by Various Authors

Make Hair Scrunchies

Quilt Borders
by CalicoBlue

How to Build a Floor Frame

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